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Registered Tax Agent: TAN 70042000
Registered Migration Agent: 06335005

Vehann & Madison is an accounting, tax and immigration agent firm that specializes in servicing the needs of people wanting to live, work and doing business in Australia, China and Singapore. We focus on Accounting services and Migration Law, but can also assist you in a range of other areas - see Services

We can answer your telephone or email questions promptly. Our staff can speak to you in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and other dialects in China

We are committed to providing quick, efficient and cost effective solutions to your problems and queries. We believe in keeping you fully informed about your matter from start to finish. We will respond to your telephone or email enquiry within 24 hours. Send your initial free enquiry to: info@vehman.com

For any inquiry, please click here or the phone icon to contact us.
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